10 Things You Didn"t Know About Chiefing a Village in Travian
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10 Things You Didn"t Know About Chiefing a Village in Travian

Ever want to know all the intricate details about something before you jump into it? Well chiefing a village in Travian sure can feel like a pretty big task considering everything that needs to be lined up for it to work properly. Here are some things you probably did not know.

· Your chiefing attacks are more effective when they come from a village where a big party is being held.

· If you use the 10% offensive bonus from Travian Plus loyalty goes down faster.

· No matter how perfect your plan is, something will almost always go wrong. Have a backup plan in the residence is rebuilt or your chiefs are killed.

· You can build 3 chiefs with a level 20 palace, destroy the palace and build it elsewhere allowing you to build the palace elsewhere and build 3 more chiefs.

· When you take over a village, the upgrades and researches are all undone. However the buildings that you upgraded them in are all in-tact.

· You can send 2 chiefs in one attack and get the same % decrease of loyalty as though you had sent two separate chiefs in two separate attacks.

· Chiefs can be safely stored in a Gaul's trap. Provided of course that the trapper itself is not demolished or the village destroyed.

· Your friends can help you chief a village. If for example you have one chief and you want to take/conquer a village, you can have your friend use his three chiefs to lower the village's loyalty. Then you can do the final attacks and take the village.

· Chiefing one village with 5 chiefs may be impressive, but chiefing three villages in one day with 7 - 8 chiefs is doable and even more effective.

· While conquering villages is a good economy-wise decision, it can also be a very effective end game solution for stealing crop boosters and starving enemy armies.

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