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Problems Resulting From Not Changing Oil in Car

    Reduced Performance

    • The lack of regular oil changes can lead to a decrease in engine performance. Engine oil can break down over time, which means engine components such as gaskets and pistons will not function as well due to the lack of proper lubrication. Your vehicle may not operate as smoothly, and you may see a decrease in gas mileage.

    No Early Detection

    • The lack of regular oil changes may mean that you might not become aware of major engine problems until it is too late. A regular oil change can tell you if your engine is burning oil too quickly or has developed an oil leak. An oil change will also show if other problems are occurring, such as engine coolant leaking and mixing with the engine oil.


    • The longer oil is left in an engine, the more likely it will become contaminated with elements such as dirt. The longer a vehicle operates with dirty oil, the more engine damage can be caused. A lack of regular oil changing means that the removal of dirty oil may not take place before it has the opportunity to cause major problems.

    Engine Breakdown

    • If you don't change your oil regularly, you increase the risk of your car breaking down, perhaps in the middle of a congested Interstate or on a lonely country road. As the metal parts rub together due to a lack of lubrication, they will eventually cease to function. The result could be that your engine will suddenly seize up, and you won't be able to go anywhere.

    Reduced Engine Life

    • Ultimately, neglected engine oil will shorten the life span of your car's engine. Engines can cost thousands of dollars to replace, and even a reconditioned engine is not inexpensive. Not changing your engine oil can mean that you will need to go through the hassle and expense of purchasing a new car on a more frequent basis.

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