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Hydroponic Lights

Hydroponic gardening requires three things for healthy plant growth.
Water, hydroponic nutrients and special hydroponic lights.
Most home hydroponic gardeners grow their plants either inside a greenhouse or in a room in their home or garage.
Because this type of gardening requires less room than soil gardening you can grow more plants in a smaller space.
Setting up the Hydroponic Garden When setting up this type of garden the home gardener may choose to buy a special kit that has all the containers and the water system for his garden.
In order to make sure that your garden is going to grow as it should you need to buy special hydroponic nutrients that contain not only the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous your plants need to be healthy but all the trace elements as well.
The type of hydroponic lights you will need will depend a great deal on what you plan to grow.
Hydroponic Lights If you are planning on planting a small scale herb garden then you will want to choose fluorescent hydroponic lights for this type of garden.
Florescent lights are placed close to the plants and aid in giving them the light they need in order to grow healthy and strong.
Vegetable and Fruit growth needs to use HID hydroponic lights.
There are two types of HID lights used in this type of gardening.
Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.
The Metal Halide lights are used to encourage overall plant growth while the High Pressure Sodium is used to encourage the plants to flower and bear fruit.
There are now HID lamps that are designed so that you can use both the Metal Halide and the High Pressure Sodium bulb in the same lamp making it necessary to only have one lamp instead of two.
You will want to look for a kit for Hydroponic lights that comes with reflectors to help direct the light where you want it to go.
How Much Light Do You Need The amount of light you need will vary depending on the type of plant you grow.
The amount of artificial light you will need for your garden will depend on where you live and whether or not you use a greenhouse or a room with limited outside light.
If you are using a greenhouse for your garden you will more than likely need very little artificial light during the late spring and summer months.
However, you will need artificial hydroponic lights to supplement the sunlight during the fall or winter months especially if you live in an area where there is very little sunlight and frequent storms that keeps the natural light from reaching your greenhouse.
Some indoor rooms rely almost solely on artificial light as they have limited sunlight reaching the plants.
To ensure that your garden grows and produces the way you would like, you simply have to give it the right amount of water, the proper hydroponic nutrients and the correct amount of light.
Supplementing natural sunlight with hydroponic lights will ensure that your plants get the proper amount of light they need.

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