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How to Impress Your Ex Girlfriend & Finally Make Her Take You Back? These Tips Work Really Well

In the beginning of your relationship the bond was good between you and your partner.
You both seemed inseparable.
Everything was perfect until the break up happened.
You wonder what could have caused your love to fall apart.
You ask her many questions, but all that she can tell you is that she wants out of the relationship.
This will only leave you feeling hurt and confused.
What could you have done differently? If this is what you are going through then you might want to consider following simple tips that can redeem your love.
Reinvent yourself If you weren't the type to keep your appearance up in a relationship, become that guy.
If you want to be taken seriously by your ex, try dressing the part.
Everyone woman loves a man that cares about how they look.
A little compassion goes a long way When you were in a relationship you probably didn't show enough compassion.
If you try a little tenderness and convince your ex that you are a new man now, she may give you just one more shot to reclaim your love.
Be a big shot Try to mingle with a lot of people.
You can try going out and having a good time.
Once your ex gets to hear that you are having fun she may want to reconsider her decision to walk away from you.
Try to be her friend Why not try to be that shoulder that she can lean on? If you make her feel that she can come to you when she needs a shoulder, she may feel comfortable enough to give your love another chance.
Be humble for a change This is the best thing you can do prove to your ex that you are willing to let your guard down and be vulnerable.
Let her see that you can be the kind of man that isn't afraid to show his feminine side for the sake of love.
The word is out Tell all her friend's and family that you've just landed a big time job, or talk about something important that you are starting or venturing into.
Once the news gets to your ex, they will become very proud of you, which is a very good sign that they may want to try to work things out and get back with you.
Just wait a while Practice restraint.
Don't try to rush anything with your girlfriend.
If you just were a little reserved then maybe she will decide to call you and have a conversation.

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