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How to Make a Large Amount of Decoupage Glue

    • 1). Divide the volume of the container by 3. The volume is usually printed on the bottom of the container, but you can also find it by filling it with water and pouring the water out into a measuring cup to find out how much water the container held. For example, if your container holds 4 cups, divide this by 3 to get 1 1/3.

    • 2). Measure out the amount of white glue to your calculation in Step 1 and pour it into the empty container. Use your finger or a spatula to get all of the glue out of the measuring cup.

    • 3). Fill the rest of the container with water, to within 1 inch of the top.

    • 4). Stir the glue and water with a wire whisk until they are completely mixed.

    • 5). Dip a paintbrush in your decoupage glue and test its consistency by painting it on a piece of scrap paper. If it goes on smoothly in a thin layer, it is ready. If not, add more water to fill the container and gently whisk to incorporate the water.

    • 6). Put the lid on the container and ensure that it is a tight fit so the glue does not dry out.

    • 7). Pour some of the glue into a small bowl when you need to use it. As much as possible, leave the lid on your large container of homemade decoupage glue to keep it from drying out.

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