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How Does a CAL Insurance Policy Work?

The CAL insurance policy has to be closed by those people who own a car.
This policy is very helpful in case you are involved in an accident because your damage is covered.
When closing such an insurance policy, the owner receives the policy, a vignette, which they stick on the windshield and an intentional insurance document.
The CAL insurance policy can have a validity period of six or twelve months for the cars which are matriculated in your country of origin.
The prices for these policies are established by each company separately, there being different discounts of up to twenty-five per cent.
The policy becomes valid a day after the previous one expires.
If you haven't had a CAL insurance policy before, the policy becomes valid a day after you close the policy.
The insurer is no longer responsible for anything once the policy expires.
If the person insured wants to bring changes of any kind to the clauses stipulated in the contract, the insurer has the obligation to inform the insurer with regard to these changes.
Another very important element with these policies is the Bonus Malus clause.
The law covers fourteen classes of Bonus and four classes of Malus.
Each class has a discount or it has a certain percentage for increases corresponding to it when it comes to the sum the insured one pays.
If there is an insured period and the person insured doesn't present any damages, they get a discount with the insured sum the following year.
On the other hand, if they present different damages, they are penalized, a Malus being applied and the insured sum being increased.
There can only be one Malus throughout the reference period and the only incidents taken into consideration are the ones for which the person who caused the accident paid at least one damage.
The events in which the car was driven without the owner giving their consent are not taken into consideration.
If the person insured owns more cars, the Bonus Malus stipulation is applied for each one of them.
The CAL insurance contracts are not very expensive.
In fact, they are a lot cheaper than the optional insurance policies you can close when it comes to your car.
However, they are very useful.
They cover everything you are not responsible for and this is certainly something that should make you feel a bit better.
We all know that we can be involved in a lot of accidents although it was never our fault in the first place and this insurance policy makes sure that the one who is responsible for an accident is the one who pays for all the damage.
Therefore, if you aren't responsible for a certain unhappy event, you shouldn't pay for it and that is exactly what this CAL insurance policy takes care of.
This policy is also compulsory, which is another good thing, everyone's right being protected this way and everyone having their piece of justice when it comes to traffic problems.

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