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Natural Ways to Stop Sweating - 3 Barely Known Tips to Stop Sweating in Days

If you dread going outside on a hot day, feel embarrassed about sweat patches and worry that you smell bad despite having several showers a day then don't worry - you are not alone.
It has been estimated that around 1% of people have an excessive sweat problem, but most are too embarrassed to talk about it which is why it can feel like you are alone with your problem.
Sweating can be caused by many things.
Sometimes it is genetic, sometimes it is caused by an illness or virus and sometimes it is caused by diet and lack of exercise.
You should always visit your doctor to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong as excessive sweating can be a symptom of many illnesses.
If your otherwise healthy then here are three natural ways to stop sweating: 1.
Drink More Water If you drink more water, your body has more fluid to help cool your organs and reduce your core body temperature.
This in turn helps to reduce the amount of sweat that your body feels it needs to produce.
By itself, drinking more water won't stop excessive sweating completely - but it can certainly help.
Drink Sage Tea Sound strange? Well, it did to me to.
But Sage tea can help slow the production of sweat in sweat glands.
Don't go overboard - a few cups of it a day at most is sufficient.
Improve Your Diet This is probably the hardest one of the three but can also be the most effective.
If you're eating lots of spicy food, doing no exercise and drinking lots of fizzy drinks and alcohol then you could be making your sweating worse.
Try to cut these things out of your diet as much as possible and increase the amount of exercise you do - you won't regret it.
This is probably the best of all the natural ways to stop sweating.

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