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Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Package Plus

The German car builders at Mercedes Benz are going that extra step to make the very popular and powerful C63 AMG a much more potent performance machine.
By concentrating on a few specific parts, the engineers at AMG have raised the output of the Baby AMG up to nearly 500 HP while adding in a very exotic braking setup as well as a few aesthetic touches.
The C63 AMG Performance Package Plus is easily identifiable by its subtle carbon fiber spoiler perched atop the rear deck lid and red AMG branded brake calipers all around.
With the performance upgrades that AMG had in store for the C63 Plus, a very sophisticated set of front brakes were in order.
The result is a specially designed carbon composite rotor that connects to a unique aluminum hat that is designed to not only stop the car more efficiently but transfer heat more effectively as well.
On the inside, the Mercedes Benz design team decided to set this C63 apart from the rest by incorporating a nappa leather/Alcantara steering wheel and some of their signature black Designo leather for the upholstery.
Under the hood, AMG's engine builders swapped out a few of the 6.
2 Liter V8's moving parts in favor of lightweight forged units like the pistons from the SLS super car, new connecting rods and a new crankshaft that together drop about 6 pounds off the internal assembly's reciprocating mass.
This means that the engine not only makes an additional 30 HP, bringing maximum output up to 487 HP, but the V8 will rev a little easier as well.
This means that the C63 AMG Performance Package Plus is able to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.
4 seconds, however the compact super sedan's top speed is still limited to 155 MPH.

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