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Making Money With ClickBank - A Quick Guide

ClickBank is the world's largest affiliate marketplace for digital products, and a hot opportunity for you to make money online.
You can find anything from ebooks to software and membership sites to promote, and earn up to 75% commissions.
In fact, there are over 20,000 digital products being sold in ClickBank at the moment.
Step 1: Signup with ClickBank for free Whether you want to sell products on ClickBank or promote ClickBank products as an affiliate, the signup process is free.
All you need to do is choose your "nickname", which is your user name, and complete the registration.
ClickBank will then send you the login details, and you can login to your account to update more information, especially how you want to get paid.
Most affiliates can now opt for check payments, or direct transfer to their US bank account via ACH.
Step 2: Find profitable products to promote Not all products are created equal.
Some just sell better than others, regardless of the quality or price.
Needless to say, selecting the right product to promote is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing with ClickBank.
The good news is that ClickBank openly publishes product performance stats.
By looking at the metrics, you can easily see which products sell better and how much you earn as an affiliate.
Some products also pay recurring commissions, which is a great plus point as it allows you to make money from a single sale a few months down the road.
Step 3: Create a systematic promotion strategy The last thing you should do is just spam everyone around you with your ClickBank affiliate link.
Affiliate marketing is personal, spamming is just annoying.
Sure, if you spam one million people you can probably make a sale.
However, making a sale from just ten people is just as easy.
All you need to do is to create a powerful affiliate marketing system based on proven concepts and tactics.
Then, you need to look for existing sources of traffic that you can tap into.
Sure you can create traffic yourself, but that will take time.
Instead, you can make use of social media sites that have huge traffic and users in the millions.
You have to find out who is interested in the product, and market only to them.
You only send him or her the affiliate link when you know they might be interested in the product.
Plus, if you use viral marketing tools from LinkTrackr.
com you can also get the user to recommend your affiliate link to other users.
You can easily get more sales and traffic with this.
ClickBank is a money-maker, and thousands have profited from it.
You can too, if you master the basics and take it one step at a time.

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