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How To Write a CV for New Media Jobs

A properly written new media jobs resume might not guarantee you your dream role but it will increase the chances of you being invited to an interview.
Employers will have to sift through numerous applications so it is vital that you eliminate any errors which could result in your CV being sent to the bottom of the rubbish bin.
The first thing that stands out to an employer is the length of a resume so remember to condense your writing to ensure that no extraneous information makes it onto the CV because it will only detract from your achievements.
Always try to keep your resume to a maximum of two pages and although this might sound difficult to some, one handy hint is to pretend that each word will cost you £100 which should encourage you to keep it short and sweet.
If you are not the best speller and are occasionally prone to mistakes, it is advisable to have someone proofread what you have written before you submit your application because there is nothing worse on a CV than basic grammatical errors.
Selecting the most appropriate format is also important and the easiest way to achieve this is by choosing a chronological configuration which lists your job history in date order starting with the most recent and working back.
If you have been unemployed for a significant amount of time or are looking to change careers and enter the new media jobs industry, then you may want to choose a functional format.
One way to grab the attention of an employer is to make an impact on the top half of your CV because most recruiters will simply scan a document so ensuring you have the most relevant information high up on a page will give you an edge.
Any relevant qualifications to the position should be located in a conspicuous place such as the front page but conventional certifications like GCSE's are best put under an educational achievements section.
If you have any associational affiliations that are related to the position you are applying for, then you should also include this on your resume as this will demonstrate extra experience.
Although all these tips are vital to writing a winning resume, the one thing that you must never forget is to tell the truth at all times because if you misrepresent yourself, you will eventually be found out.
Use this advise to refine your resume and you will have the best possible chance of landing one of those new media jobs you have been searching for.

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