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How to Convert Vases to Candles

    • 1). Place one to two lbs. of beeswax into an empty, clean coffee can.

    • 2). Place the coffee can into the top of a double boiler.

    • 3). Fill the bottom of the double boiler halfway up with water.

    • 4). Heat the double boiler over medium heat until the beeswax melts completely.

    • 5). Place a clothespin onto the end of a 12-inch piece of cotton wick.

    • 6). Place a second clothespin onto the same end of the wick, directly opposite the first. The doubled clothespins will sit over the wide mouth of the vase, which will allow you to drop the wick down into the vase while keeping it upright.

    • 7). Insert the length of the wick into an empty vase.

    • 8). Pour the melted beeswax into the vase, leaving about 1 inch empty near the top of the vase.

    • 9). Allow the candle to cool completely before removing the clothespins.

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