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Types of Knots for Jewelry

    Square Knot

    • The square not is created by taking two pieces of string or cord and tying them in a knot about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the top. Take two more pieces of string or cord and tie them to each side of the original strands. Cross one over and one under the center strands and loop it through the other to form a knot. Repeat this all the way down the center strands to create consecutive knots. Once you get about 1 inch from the end, knot the strands together.

      This is typically done with different colored pieces of cord or string to create colorful bracelets or necklaces.

    Cross Knot

    • The cross knot is created with six pieces of string. Take three strings on one side and group them together. Tie them around all three of the other combined strings. Tie this thicker cord around the strings on the other side to form another knot. Alternate the side you knot each time to create a cross knot.

    Spiral Knot

    • The spiral knot is created with four strands of string or cord. Tie the end to secure the strands together. Take the left two strands and loop them under, over and through the other two strands. Pull them together tight. Repeat this with the right two strands. Alternate the pattern all the way down and tie them in a standard knot at the end.

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