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7 Daily Habits That Can Bring You Closer to Health and Wealth

There are good and bad habits that we possess in our lives.
You may have some good habits which can bring you closer to health and wealth.
Knowledge can be power but applied knowledge is true power.
You may have the knowledge of building good and positive habits that can help you to live long but only if you apply them.
Same is going to be here.
I am going to share 7 daily habits that can bring you closer to health and wealth in life.
Why only 7 habits? For I do not wish to make it complicated for you to apply them.
I will share some simple habits which can give fruitful results to you.
Here We Go...
Take your breakfast daily.
This is very important for your health if you wish to live long.
Many are skipping their meals especially their breakfast and they are not aware of it's dangers and consequences.
Honestly it can be fatal for you.
Skipping breakfast can be one of the cause for stomach cancer.
What will happen if you spend some time taking your breakfast which can add extra years of life? Think of it..
Smile to strangers.
A very honest smile is like a boomerang.
It will return to you faster than you expected.
The effect also will be magnificent.
Have you ever went through this? You may be walking in a park and when a stranger smiles at you, you cannot resist that smile and you will smile back immediately.
You will feel quite different after doing that.
That is the power of it.
Learn to give away or share your happiness for you will gain them in thousand fold...
Write and accomplish daily goals.
Goals are very important in our lives.
Do you have a specific goal to be achieved in your life? Do you know how to set big goals? It is very important for you to have such goals for your financial future.
There is nothing wrong in admitting that we are striving towards money and happiness for we are putting our effort to achieve them.
I personally write my daily five goals to accomplish in a day which can help to bring me towards my ultimate goal.
Goal setting can be fun and it is truly important.
Work on that my friend.
Give away your money to others.
This is important for your financial success.
You may think what the crap I am talking about but listen to this carefully..
Every single cents that you give away will return to you in thousand fold.
Warning! Listen completely .
It will happen only if you do it honestly.
Be kind naturally and donate money to someone without expecting the return of it.
We are looking for kind person here.
Are you there? 5.
Show your love to your family.
Showing love is very important than asking for them.
What you give is what you will get.
A very rich businessman is getting money based from the service that he offer.
When you give love to your family that is what will be given back to you whether by your family members or not but The Universe will give it to you.
If you have never hugged your parents or siblings, please do so NOW! You will see the change in you.
You can feel a much healthier person in you.
Read a lot of financial success books.
Reading can provide you great knowledge.
Reading financial success books will be very helpful during the recession.
You had enough of knowledge and it is time for you to apply them.
Say a very long goodbye to your procrastination habit and give a warm sweet welcome to ACTION! Take actions to read and apply financial knowledge.
Learn how to create passive income businesses.
The more money that you have the more good you can do.
Make money my friend.
Say Thank You to this World.
Have you ever jumped out of your bed and shout like Tarzan in movies to give thanks for the sweet day ? I do it daily whether you believe me or not.
I will shout, ' Thank You Thank You Thank You Universe ( you can take it as God ) for giving me massive energy, Health and Wealth to live the Life that I desired! THANK YOU! ' I promise that I would feel as I am born again in this world.
Please try this only once and you can see the changes.
Do not worry about your family members for usually I will not bother about anything while doing that.
Nothing CAN STOP ME.
Remember that Ideas and Knowledge will work for you, only when you work on them..
I Wish You Happiness and Love, Michael Dan - Author of MySweetLuck - A Personal Development Blog

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