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Leadership Training: 7 Secrets to Becoming an Effective Leader

Are great leaders born, or made?

There’s not doubt that certain personality types are better suited for a leadership position. However, with some effort, almost anyone can become an effective leader if they apply the right principles and have enough motivation and ambition to achieve that goal.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to achieve that goal:

1. Passion:

Effective leaders have a passion that is positively infectious. People are drawn to people that have passion. If you display a sincere and unyielding passion, people you’ll naturally attract people to you who want to feel enthusiastic about what they’re doing and that their actions have meaning and fit into a larger picture.

2. Drive:

You must have ambition and convey a sense of urgency to others. Your passion must translate into an energy that conveys urgency that others feel and causes them to want to take action.

3. Commitment:

If you talk the talk, but don’t display a true commitment or demonstrate only a lukewarm, half-hearted commitment, others will easily see that you’re not truly serious. Your commitment must be whole-hearted and easy for anyone to see that you’re serious.

4. Integrity:

Integrity conveys honor, honestly, reliability, and uprightness. A lack of integrity signals dishonesty. People need to know that when you make promises, you’ll stick to them. If you break a promise, stand up and admit it and take responsibility.

5. Vision:

All that passion and drive and commitment has to be properly channeled. Your vision is what channels all that energy and drives the team forward along a predetermined path – the path you determine. You must be clear about what goals you’re asking your teams to achieve.

6. Fairness:

You must exact justice and evenhandedness in your decisions. Favoritism and inequality will quickly destroy the cohesiveness of your vision and passion. Word spreads quickly amongst the team members. You must use fair-dealing as a guiding principle.

7. Superb Communication Skills:

Your vision and passion needs to be communicated clearly and consistently. You can’t expect to say it once and then sit back and wait for the team to do magic. You much be able to communicate your vision over time and remind the teams exactly what they’re working toward and why it’s important.


Great leaders are great communicators. The reality is that being able to assemble your teams and effectively communicate to them is a skill that cannot be overstated. You should seek out public speaking training so that you can gain the confidence that goes hand-in-hand with being able to comfortably speak to groups of people.

Moreover, you must know how to communicate not only with words, but with your facial expressions and body postures. If your words say one thing and your body language says something else, your message is diluted and you’re wasting your time. The #1 skill you can possess as a leader is your ability to effectively communicate and a good public speaking training will allow you to master those skills quickly and easily.

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