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Ideas for Two Beds in a Girl's Bedroom

    Twin Beds

    • If the room you're designing is large enough and you want a second bed as a permanent fixture, twin beds are a simple option. For a clean look, place the beds side by side, separated by a night table, and use identical linens on both beds. If a cohesive design isn't important, let each girl choose her own bed linens to reflect her personal taste. You can also experiment with bed placement, placing the beds together in an L shape or in different parts of the room, depending on what works best for the room size and the needs of the girls.

    Room Dividers

    • If two girls are sharing a large room and desire some privacy, divide the room into two separate areas so that each girl feels like she has her own space. Buy each girl her own bed, and separate them with a folding screen or a two-sided bookcase. If the girls don't get along well or are very particular about privacy, install a track on the ceiling, and use a curtain to divide the room into two spaces.

    Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

    • Bunk beds are a great option both for sisters sharing a smaller room or for occasional sleepovers and houseguests. Bunk beds have come a long way over the years, and many different bunk configurations are available, including those with a single bed on top and a double bed on the bottom. Loft beds are another good option for saving space. You can also purchase two loft beds that fit above desks or storage units, so that each girl has her own space to do homework or store her toys. Allow only children older than 6 to sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed or loft bed, and warn your children of the safety hazards of playing on or jumping off the top bunk.

    Temporary Beds

    • If you're looking only for a second bed for an occasional overnight guest, there are many options for temporary beds that can be stowed away when not in use. Many bed manufacturers make beds with an extra mattress that slides out of the bottom of a regular bed. You can also rely on an inflatable or fold-up bed that can be packed away in a closet when only one girl is sleeping in the room.

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