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Home Security Cameras - A Great Idea Indoors?

When we think about security cameras what immediately comes to mind is the highly visible square box type cameras that are mounted high up outside buildings.
These are generally used to monitor people entering and exiting a building.
But home security cameras can be highly effective if used indoors too.
Indoor surveillance cameras can have many uses.
If mounted in a strategic location such as an entrance hallway, you can watch visitors - both wanted and unwanted - enter and exit your home.
So if you were unfortunate to be burgled the thief may break into your property via a window, but most probably exit with your valuables through a door - so the evidence will be captured.
This visual information can be used in a court of law to convict to burglar.
Of course the homeowner has a choice to whether to have the camera highly visible - or to hide it away.
By having it visible may make a burglar flee before he decides to actually steal your possessions.
Another great use for the security camera in the home is to watch over people who could be legitimately invited into your home to do work such as housemaids, nannies, repair men and builders.
Although most are completely trustworthy you cannot be 100% certain that these people won't take your valuables.
So by watching these people with a security camera you can be rest assured that should anything go missing, simply wind back the tape to catch them in the act.
In order to be discrete with your indoor camera, there are now many specially designed cameras that can be installed into everyday object such as lamps, vases, toys, clocks and furniture.
No-one will know they are being filmed.

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