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How to Install Submerged Electrical

    • 1). Map out underwater obstacles using sonar and underwater photography. This will allow you to locate and plot the best cable route. Attach the electrical cable to the jet plow. Use the crane to lower the jet plow into the water.

    • 2). Turn on the jet plow when it has reached the floor of the lake, sea or river. The plow will generate a water jet that will dig a small trench. As the water jet moves across the floor, it pulls the submarine cable into the trench. The water jet's movements are controlled by computer on the barge. The motion of the water will wash sediment into the trench and quickly fill it up.

    • 3). Continuously monitor the water jet for signs of any problem: the underwater environment is always changing. Continue laying the cable until the water jet reaches the opposite shore. Then raise the water jet and continue placing the remaining cable by hand or machine as needed.

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