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How to Add to Multimedia Web Pages

    • 1). Point your browser to a free file host service like MediaFire or FileFactory, so that your multimedia files are viewable on the Internet. Click the "Upload" button. Follow the prompts to select the file and record the URL address that automatically displays at the end of the procedure. Repeat this process for each file so that you obtain separate addresses.

    • 2). Launch your text editor software and bring up the web page document that you want to add the multimedia to.

    • 3). Position your cursor in an area where you want to add a digital image. Type "<img src=" " />" and enter the URL address for your photo between the quotation marks inside the angle brackets. To illustrate, it would read:

      <img src="" />

    • 4). Place your cursor in the spot where you want to display an audio or video link and enter the "<a href="/links/?u= ">" anchor code. Type the address of your file inside the angle brackets. Follow this with a title that identifies your multimedia and enter a closing "</a>" tag at the end. For example, it would read:

      <a href="/links/?u=">Movie Name</a>

    • 5). Save your document to preserve your changes.

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