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Seizure & Foaming at the Mouth in Dogs


    • Epilepsy or distemper can cause seizures in dogs. Diseases caught from deer ticks could also be causing your dog's seizures.


    • Contortions, abrupt behavioral changes and loss of bowel or bladder control may be signs of a seizure. Foaming at the mouth and the appearance of choking are possible signs, as well.

    During Seizure

    • Observe your dog and write down his symptoms during a seizure. Comfort him by putting your arms or a towel around him, and call your veterinarian as soon as the symptoms have passed.


    • Your veterinarian will likely give your dog an MRI scan to diagnose the cause of seizures. A spinal tap may be performed to check for disease of the nervous system.


    • Medication is the most common treatment for seizures in dogs, according to Your veterinarian may prescribe phenobarbital, clorazepate, felbamate or levetiracetam to control your dog's seizures.

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