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Equipment Needed For Tennis Matches

If your child participates in competitions or plays tennis regularly then he will need his own equipment. These days you can buy most of the equipment online. You can do your research online as well. If you are nt comfortable with that then pop into a sports shop in your local mall and the service people there will be able to help you.

You need some tennis balls, good racquet and good pair of sports shoes - and finally a bag to put them all in.

Other things that are nice to have include small towels, wristbands, a headband and a hat and water bottle. Actually hat and bottle should go into the must to have list.

Now for the tennis apparel - if your club has a uniform you need to stick to then go with that and the apparel problem is easily solved. If not wear something you will feel comfortable playing in. For competitions check with your instructor to see what you should wear - they might have different rules.

Before buying the equipment check with your tennis school to see if they have any good quality second hand equipment. But only buy them if they are absolutely good quality - especially the racquet. If the racquet is worn out then you will end up with more issue later - Not worth it.

When buying a racquet, bear in mind that there are different types of racquets. The type of racquet you need to buy depends on how often you are playing and what level you are playing. There are basically three types of racquets - one for occasional player, one for improving player and finally one for experienced player. The occasional player one is called the power racquet, the improving one is called the tweener racquet and the final one is called the control racquet. A good racquet will help you improve your game. A bad one or the wrong one will hinder your progress. Speak to your coach and he will be able to guide you towards the perfect racquet for your individual needs. Individual needs is important because you might pick the perfect racquet but it might not be the perfect one for your size, level etc..

Do your research, speak to the service person and then buy the right one. If you are just starting tennis then buy the basic one first and then wait till your coach tells you to change the racquet.

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