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General Hospital: Fake Out

Fortune Cookies and Sonny's Desire

Patrick and Sam spend some time together at her place with food from hers and Jason's wedding site, the Noodle Buddha.  She tells Patrick the whole story, including the plans Maxie was making for the wedding and how they overwhelmed Sam.  But they both agree, they wouldn't have Maxie any other way.  When they look at their fortune cookies, hers says that something she lost will be found again.

  FORESHADOWING.  His says that he has a secret, and it's that he can't play golf.  They open more.  Sam's says to try something new. So does Patrick's.  Now, is that someTHING or someONE?

At the loft, Sonny is babysitting Rocco when Olivia stops by.  She is worried, naturally, about Dante and Lulu. After Rocco goes to sleep, the two of them talk about Carly.  Sonny feels that if Jason were around, he would get Carly away from Franco.  He wants to do the same. 

Crichton-Clark: Guns, Knives, and Injections

Anna enters Crichton-Clark with her gun drawn.  Robert Scorpio has sent in a squad of men, so she has plenty of help.  She gives them their instructions and each takes a different part of the building.

A dazed Lulu is sitting down after a massive dose of hormones, and she's livid.  "Reshackle me and get out!" she screams at Stavros. Stavros informs her that she had enough hormones, so she's being implanted now.  Dante goes crazy, yelling and banging on the wall as she is taken away..

Anna finds Dante and shoots off the chain.

  They weave their way down the hall which by now is littered with corpses.  Lulu is in a room feeling woozy.  Stavros has given her a tranquilizer to control what he calls her "feistiness," something which he finds attractive but not all the time.  On the operating table, he takes over administering the anesthesia.  "All right, Dr. Cassadine," the nurse mutters. 

Stavros puts the breathing mask over her face -- meanwhile, usually they give you an IV and you go out like a light -- masks are old hat.  Lulu isn't as out as she pretended, and she bites him.  Well, she doesn't so much bite him as she gets his finger in between her teeth and holds on!

In Victor's office, Nathan holds a gun on his new father and insists on knowing where he is hiding Maxie.  Victor scoffs at the idea that his own son would shoot him.  Nathan has no idea what he's talking about.  Obrecht confirms it.  Nathan doesn't care.  He wants to see Maxie.  Victor thinks she might be in Mr. Harrell's room.  Nathan runs out.

When the DNA results arrive, Liesl opens the envelope and smiles  He is indeed Nathan's father.  Victor knows the DNA is not a match; he found out earlier.  As he holds a gun on her, the door flies open and Anna blasts the gun out of his hand.  While she's putting him under arrest, Obrecht stops her with a gun.

In Peter Harrell Sr.'s room, the patient, from his deathbed, tells his son that he wants the pleasure of killing Maxie himself. I thought he was sick. "You're talking about something that happened years ago, before I was even born!" she exclaims. Peter Sr. explains that he wants to destroy someone precious to Felicia and Frisco. Peter hands his father an Aztec dagger and Senior moves in for the kill.  Before he can plunge the knife into Maxie, Nathan shoots him in the back.

Mr. H takes a while to hit the ground. He staggers, sways a couple of times, and finally lands.  Sobbing, Levi/Peter kneels next to his father. "Avenge me!" Senior gasps, and dies. Not so big a part, I guess. Junior and Nathan turn on one another. Maxie screams as Peter aims his gun at Nathan. She takes the dagger and stabs Peter in the back. He doesn't take as long as his father did, but eventually, he hits the floor. Maxie falls into Nathan's arms, and they kiss. 

The Man with the Arms

One of the Cassadine associates asks an attendant for a report on Jason, who is fighting his restraints.  I just kept wondering whose arms those were because you know they aren't paying Billy Miller for arm exercises.  It kind of reminded me of the half-broom handle with the blond wig that used to be Laura in a catatonic state that we'd see from the back.  Dante stops the man as he leaves but before he can enter the room, he hears Lulu screaming, turns, and goes towards the noise.  When the associate returns to the room, Jason is gone.

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