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End of Year Teaching Ideas

    Hello and Goodbye Letters

    • Help students say goodbye to the old school year and get them excited to say hello to the next year as you ease their transition from one grade to another while practicing writing skills. Start by instructing students to write a letter to the student who will sit at their desk next year, asking them to fill the student in on fun facts about what they will learn during the year or to offer tips about dealing with that particular grade. Next, ask students to write another letter to their teacher for the following year to introduce themselves and relay what they are excited or nervous about for the following school year. Best for students in the elementary or middle school grades, these letters will serve to help students remember what they learned while easing the transition to the next year.

    Memory Book

    • Students of all ages will enjoy making their own yearbook of memories from the past year as a fun and educational activity for the end of the school year. Instruct students to bring in favorite pictures and to write captions for their photos. Ask each student to make one page and then provide photos of favorite activities throughout the year for students to arrange and decorate as a class. Students will practice writing, organizational and art skills while you review past lessons and wrap up a year of learning.

    Game Show Review

    • Capture students' rapidly waning attention away from the warmer weather by turning the classroom into an end of year game show to review major concepts you have covered throughout the school year. Model your game show on Jeopardy by creating categories with several questions per category. Make students responsible for coming up with some questions for the categories while providing some of your own as an extra challenge. Provide small prizes appropriate to their age as extra incentive, and enjoy watching the products of your teaching.

    Book Party

    • With all the emphasis on literacy in the classroom, reward students for a great job reading all school year with a special end of year book party. Keep track of books read by your students throughout the year with a large classroom chart or individually as you work up to a specific goal. Once that goal is met, throw a year-end party where students can dress up as their favorite book character, give a brief report on their favorite book, enjoy special treats like ice cream or popcorn or even have a pizza party. Choose an activity appropriate to your students' age level.

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