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Your weekend Getaway near the city of dreams-Mumbai

Most of us work in companies where we put all our efforts in completing our assigned tasks and managing things around. This, sometimes, becomes hectic for us as we tend to lose interest in doing the same thing over and over again. During such times, when you feel your mind is exhausted and needs to be refreshed, all you need an exotic weekend off to a resort.

It is important to take some time off your daily busy and hectic schedule and relax. Although, working is important but, not at the cost of your health! Brain needs to be given time to relax and to energize. Likewise even our body needs rest after having spent hours at work. Going out with your family or with your friends is important not only to spend some quality time with them but also to give time to your own self and peace to your mind.

Going on a holiday is something that each one of us wants to do during summers. Deciding the holiday spot or the destination is the next concern once thought of going on a holiday! Hence, confusion arises regarding the choice between a luxury spa resort where you can relax and avail all the luxurious facilities that resort has to offer along with the amazing spa treatment and the camping sites or some other holiday destinations. However, a wiser decision would be going to a luxury spa resort than any other place for a holiday as you can beat the scorching heat of summers with the relaxing and rejuvenating ambience of the resort.

E & G Green Valley Spa Resort is one of the famous weekend getaways near Mumbai where you can enjoy, relax, energize you body and soul and spend quality time with your family and friends. The resort is located in the serene locations of Nashik and is set up amidst the pristine and picturesque landscapes. Just 2.5 hour drive away from Mumbai, E & G Green Valley Spa resort is the perfect place for your exotic weekend getaway in your nearby location! It is a splendid resort where you enjoy all the luxuries to the fullest and come back completely rejuvenated. Nashik is also referred to as the Wine Capital of India as it is a leading producer of grapes and other agricultural products such as onions, tomatoes, etc. The city is blessed with an amazing and pleasant climate that further more will enhance your stay at this resort!

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