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1993 Chevy Van Won't Start

    • 1). Check the gear shifter to make sure that it is all the way in Park or Neutral. No vehicle with a properly functioning automatic transmission will be able to turn on unless the transmission is in either of those gears.

    • 2). Open the hood and inspect the battery terminals. If they are corroded, pour a bottle of carbonated soda over them and wipe away the corrosion with a cloth or brush. Wiggle the terminals in order to make sure that the connections are solid and tighten the eyelet connection points on the battery terminals if needed. Try starting the Chevy van again. Do not try to crank the vehicle over and over again as the battery needs a few minutes between cranks in order to recharge.

    • 3). Listen for any noises -- or lack thereof -- whenever you crank the van. If you hear a whirring sound followed by a click, then the starter motor has gone bad and is not properly aligning with the flywheel gear. Trace the positive battery cable to the starter unit, which is slightly smaller than a football and has two cylindrical units joined together. Tap the end of the starter motor with a hammer or a blunt metal object in order to help it re-engage with the flywheel once more. Replace the starter motor by extracting the two mounting bolts and disconnecting the electrical connection from the positive battery cable.

    • 4). Remove the key from the ignition. If the key will not come out on its own, tap the end of it lightly with a hammer. Another common sign for ignition switch failure is when the ignition key can be inserted and removed, but it will not turn the lock cylinder. Remove the steering column panels in order to access the ignition switch. Unscrew the mounting screws for the ignition switch and disconnect the electrical connection leading up to it. Remove the ignition switch and replace it with a new one, which will also give you a new key.

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