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Learn to Play the Trumpet

As one who has played the trumpet for 25 years, there are some tips such as breathing, salt, grip, and position of lips that should be made known to beginners or intermediate players.
How to learn to play the Trumpet: * When starting to play the trumpet, try to get a steady even tone with each note, beginning with Middle C.
Once you accomplish this, move the trumpet gradually back and forth with your left hand so that the sound fluctuates a bit.
This is called "vibrato", and sounds much better than a flat steady sound.
* Most trumpeters have mustaches.
This acts as a cushion between the lips and the trumpet.
The higher note you strive to hit, the harder you must press the horn to your lips.
Since the trumpet has only 3 keys, your lips must do the work.
* Most beginners just try to blow into a trumpet like a balloon, but the result sounds like a seal bellowing.
Keep your lips tight when blowing; this helps build up the lip muscles in order to play for long periods.
* Use salt to moisten your lips before playing.
Keep a teaspoon of salt in a small container, then just before performing, dab a few grains on your fingertip, then put it on your tongue.
This will instantly stimulate your salivary glands to produce more moisture in your mouth in order to play easier.
To prove it, just try it yourself now.
Playing trumpet with a dry mouth is very difficult.
* Before going onstage, take a deep breath about 1 minute before going on, hold it for 30 seconds.
Then let it out gradually.
This will help to relax you.
If you're still tense, repeat again.
All these suggestions, when you learn to play the trumpet, will go a long way to improve your performance.

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