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Creating Your Small Business Website - The Simple Truth

Your Small Business Website doesn't have to be a challenge.
You'll be able to get it up and running without a professional web-designer, you'll be able to describe you're unique value proposition, and you'll have an offer waiting to bring in business that already believes your solution is the correct one for them.
One of the biggest myths about creating a website is that you have to use a web-designer.
Designers can bring a great service, but your goal is to make information available and to interest clients in your products and services.
To leverage this, you should look for a templated site.
Simply put, that means you pick out a pre-designed website and make a few customizations that are appropriate for your business.
Usually you have hundreds of choices from which to choose.
Then you add your images, upload your logo; and more importantly use your voice to communicate.
Quick and dirty in the world of websites can be worth more than you ever thought.
Give them a reason to pick your business over the competition.
Price isn't the only comparison people are looking for.
And sometimes you don't want to compete on price-it limits your audience.
Do some research on your clients.
How do they search for your product or service? Are you saving people time and stress? Could your value be in the way you integrate with something they are already doing? Formulate your 'sweet spot' in the industry and broadcast it.
This is the one piece of information that you can't afford to not include on your website.
Make it the central message and use your features and benefits to back it up.
State your offer! You've got their attention now make them an offer.
So often a company puts so much energy and effort into their website, but they forget to ask for the sale.
Whether you are selling products or services, you must give them explicit instructions about their next step.
Should they sign up for a newsletter? Download a report? Call for an appointment? Customers love simple directions for the next step.
Present your features and benefits and then drive them into a sale.
Otherwise you're leaving money on the table.
So you've made the offer.
They identify with the features and benefits, but how do they know that this is really for them? You need to offer proof.
This could be a video on YouTube demonstrating the actual benefit or perhaps testimonials from your customers.
This is big because you've led them down the path of searching and research.
Make sure they know that they have chosen correctly.
You ease their mind and add third-party credibility to your site's visitors by including statements from like-minded customers.
Many times small business owners are fearful of their website.
They don't know what it requires to set up a website or what it needs to include.
Taking action can be as simple as finding an easily editable templated site that you can quickly customize, broadcasting your unique value statement, asking for the sale, and providing credibility from others.
Erase the fear and profit from your small business website.

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