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Should I Let a Baby Sleep If He Hits His Head?

    Bumps are Usually Nothing to Worry About

    • Babies are often hitting and bumping their head as they learn to move about and explore their world. Although it can be scary for a parent, usually these bumps are nothing to worry about. Injury to the brain is uncommon because of the protection that the skull offers. Even large bumps resulting from a serious fall are often not a cause for concern. If your baby is able to be comforted, and is alert and his eyes can focus on you, there is no reason to rush to the emergency room. Instead, begin a period of observation, watching your child for out-of-character behavior. If your child is moving around, talking and playing as normal, it is okay to allow your child to sleep. You may want to try waking him at some point just to make sure he is easily awoken.

    Bumps to the Head Can be Serious

    • If a baby hit his head hard enough, he may have a concussion or even internal bleeding. If your child loses consciousness, vomits repeatedly, or appears unfocused and disoriented, there is cause for concern. If your baby cannot be consoled after a long period of time, appears excessively sleepy, and has disturbed balance or complains of a headache, the bump may be serious. In these cases, it is best to try to keep your child awake and seek medical attention.

    Bottom Line

    • After your baby hits his head, if there are no observable causes for concern at first, you may let him sleep. If the baby sleeps, wake the baby every two hours while sleeping to observe breathing patterns and skin coloring. Continue to observe your baby after a fall for the next few days and seek medical attention if he vomits repeatedly, seems abnormally sleepy, or is not able to walk and play normally.

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