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How to Blend Your Own Embroidery Thread

    • 1). Unwind about an arm's length of embroidery thread. Measure 25 inches with the yard stick and cut the thread with the scissors. The 25-inch sections are a good length to work with when you are ready to begin the embroidery project.

    • 2). Separate the strands of the floss into six piles by pulling it gently apart from one end. lf the thread begins to get twisted, take the bottom end in your fingertips and twist it gently in the opposite direction to unwind it completely. Do not try to pull the strands apart quickly because they are wound around one another and will form a knot.

    • 3). Put one strand of each color in each of the 6 piles. When you are done each pile will have three colors in it.

    • 4). Line up one end and gently twist the threads clockwise, winding them around one another. The threads do not need to be twisted tightly. A slight twist will be enough to let you embroider with the newly blended thread.

    • 5). If you want to work with the heavier 6 strand thread, divide the thread into 3 piles of thread, each with 2 strands of each color. Step 4 will be the same.

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