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How to Make a Folded Paper Bowl

    • 1). Place the piece of paper on a flat surface oriented upright (portrait) to you. Fold the piece of paper in half from bottom to top and then fold in half again from left to right.

    • 2). Unfold the second fold placed in the piece of paper in step 1.

    • 3). Fold each bottom corner in towards the center crease of the paper to form a point at the middle of the bottom. Unfold the two corners. Press the bottom corners on an angle upward and in between the layered top and bottom halves of paper, toward the center crease, reversing the bottom crease as you go. Invert the bottom corner folds completely until each one is meeting the other within the original fold made in Step 1. Flatten the final product. This will result in two folded triangle shapes being hidden inside the top and bottom of the paper from your original fold in Step 1. You will now have a triangle point aimed toward you, with a "tail" at the top of the paper.

    • 4). Grab the top left hand corner of the top layer and bring it straight across to the center of the paper -- so the flat side of the tail is against the center crease -- and flatten it to create a new vertical crease. Repeat this for the right side. Flip the paper over so your new folds are against the table and again bring the top left hand corner to the center of the paper and fold it in using the same process, followed by the right side.

    • 5). Fold the top edge of the top layer downward so a new, horizontal crease is formed at the top edge of the two mirrored triangle shapes. Flip the paper over again and do the same on the other side.

    • 6). Hold up your paper upright on the table with the flat part against the table and the point aimed up to the ceiling. Hold the bottom with one hand while gently pushing the top point downward and into the shape, which will unfold into an inverted square bowl as you go. Once the point has flattened completely, flip the shape right side up.

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