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Synopsis on California Short term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance, as the name applies is for a short period of time. It offers coverage from nearly 30 to 180 days. If you are very young, it would be better if you buy a short term health insurance when compared to extensive health insurance plan. If you take a standard plan you have to pay nearly hundreds of dollars, but in case of short term health insurance plans, you pay somewhere $30 and $60 US dollars monthly. But major disadvantage of this plan is you cannot avail many benefits that you would have otherwise received on a standard plan. A person has to pay full fees for all non-emergency doctor’s visits and surgical procedures. Certain costs like prescription drugs and ob-gyn visits, maternity and delivery are not covered by short term health plans. In case of emergency, your insurance provider will compensate you not less than $100,000 USD-after you have paid the deductible, which can range from $1000 to $10,000 USD or more. If your deductible is low, higher will your monthly premium be.

One of the major California health insurance plans i.e. short term health insurance plans are for six months or one year. But once your period has expired, you can sign up with a different insurance provider. You can find various California health insurance companies who sell this type of plan on the internet. If you have serious medical problems, it would be better you go in for standard health insurance as it will cover all your expensive prescription drugs which a short term health insurance cannot do. However, if you do not have access to health insurance through a job and are looking for a reasonably priced option that will ensure that you are covered in case of serious emergency, short term health insurance may be the best way to go.

This type of plan covers emergency medicine, intensive care expenses, ambulance needs, drug costs etc. once the first premium payment is made along with the submission of applications, insurance will be sanctioned without further delay. Physical examination is seldom needed. This type of plan gives you the option of choosing your doctor and will have a deductible to meet. One more benefit is that of co-insurance. Anyone who is under 65 years of age can apply for short term health insurance.

One more option like COBRA otherwise known as Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reduction Act enacted in 1985 which allows employees to continue with their coverage for a particular time at their own expense. Short term insurance makes a better choice when the period of COBRA coverage is over and you have not enclosed under any health insurance policy.

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