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P90x DVD Set - How Can it Help You?

The world is progressing at a very rapid pace.
Technology that was hard to imagine even a decade ago, is easily attainable and affordable today.
Thanks to the advancement of science and technology in every field, human race is able to lead luxurious lives.
Like everything else, luxury, too comes with a price tag.
The price that you pay for this indulgence is lethargy and complacence.
Problems such as obesity and spondylitis, to name a few, have gone up exponentially.
In such a fast paced world, exercise has taken a back seat.
But, the P90x DVD set promises to bring back the healthy you with a bang.
For starters, the P90x DVD set is a sequence of home videos intended to give you a 90 day rigorous home fitness regime.
The brain child of the famous trainer, Tony Horton, this 13 set DVDs is turning out to be the most wanted fitness products of the day.
The P90x fitness program can be carried out in the comfort of your homes with just a chair, dumbbells, push up stand, exercise mat and a resistance band.
The DVDs include sweat inducing muscle pumping training that takes pride in giving you the best shape.
The P90x DVD set concentrates on power training, cardio and stretching exercises and helps you to work on your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function.
The best part about the P90x DVD set is that there are workouts for every part of the body: back, legs, chest, abs, shoulders and even the arms.
The other highlights of the P90x program, apart from the workouts, is a detailed fitness guide, a dvd that shows how the system works and also a calendar to keep a tab on your progress.
The bonus of this program is its diet guidebook.
Since the workouts will leave you exhausted, the P90x will guide through that aspect as well.
The three phases of the nutrition chart are fat shredder, energy booster and the endurance maximizer respectively.
The p90x dvd set is priced at around $150.
Most critics and reviewers have given the program thumbs up and think it is value for money.
They claim that it has quality content and does help in getting rid of excess fat.
However, it does not happen overnight.
The main disadvantage is the severity of the program.
The workout schedule is quite strict and you need to be highly motivated throughout the 90 day period.
If you are facing space constraint, then there may be difficulty in doing the workouts.

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