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How to Join the Crows in "Dragon Age"

    • 1). Travel to the City of Denerim and go to the market area. Speak to the character named Ignacio, who is located in the center of the market.

    • 2). Walk to the exit of the market district area after your conversation with Ignacio. As soon as you try to leave the area, you will be intercepted by a messenger boy. Speak to him and you'll receive a quest pointing you to the back room of the tavern.

    • 3). Go to the south side of the market district and look opposite brother Genetivi's house to find the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Enter the tavern and then go to the back room to find Master Ignacio.

    • 4). Speak to Ignacio and accept his offer when he asks if you want to work for the Crows. Exit the tavern and return to the market area and look for a poster on one of the walls. You'll find it near the Elven Alienage. Click on the poster to read it and discover a new location on your map.

    • 5). Exit the market district and select "The Pearl" as your destination from the travel map. Once you arrive, knock on the door and select the first dialogue option when asked for a password.

    • 6). Enter the building, then proceed to the guest room to trigger another conversation. Defeat all the enemies to complete your assignment from the Crows.

    • 7). Return to Master Ignacio in the Gnawed Noble Tavern and speak to him. Open the chest on the floor behind him for scrolls that contain further missions you can now do for the Crows.

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