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How to Troubleshoot an HP 1100 Inkjet

    Poor Quality Printouts

    • 1). Turn the HP DeskJet 1100 printer on and open the front cover. Wait for the print cartridges to stop moving, then tilt the first print cartridge toward you and lift it out of the printer.

    • 2). Position the cartridge so that the metal connector is facing you. Dip a cotton swab in warm water and use it to clean the entire metal surface of the cartridge. Continue cleaning the cartridge until all paper dust and ink are removed. Repeat the process with the other cartridge.

    • 3). Clean the print cartridge carrier thoroughly with a damp cotton swab to remove any paper dust and ink residue. Reinsert the print cartridges and close the cover.

    Paper Handling Issues

    • 1). Remove all the paper from the paper tray and set it aside. Feel the rollers just inside the paper tray and feel for any jammed or turn paper. Labels in particular have a tendency to peel off the sheets as the DeskJet 1100 grabs the paper, and they can get wrapped around the rollers and cause jams with subsequent printouts.

    • 2). Hold a cloth dampened with warm water or isopropyl alcohol against the roller if a label has wrapped around it. Move the roller with one hand while holding the cloth with the other. Continue to move the roller past the cloth until the label peels off easily.

    • 3). Extend the paper tray guides all the way out, then load the printer with new paper. Fan the paper to separate each sheet, and do not over-fill the tray. The DeskJet 1100 is very sensitive to problems with print quality, and filling the tray too full can cause it to grab more than one sheet at a time.

    • 4). Place the paper guides snugly against the paper. Do not make the paper guides too loose or too tight.

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