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You Will Be Noticed In Puma Future Cat Ferrari Yellow Shoes

People love shoes. Of all the things people wear shoes have the most history, art and symbolism attached. Some people collect huge numbers of things to wear on their feet. Anyone who is planning to become famous for having a museum-worthy footwear collection could do worse than to start with a pair of Puma Future Cat Ferrari Yellow Shoes

Making other people envious is probably not the original reason footwear were invented. But the right sandals, pumps or cross trainers do serve that purpose admirably. Footwear that is great looking and ahead of their time by design will evoke envious glances. Shoes that are fabulous to look at and comfortable too will draw tears of envy.

The quest for newer and better boots, sandals, and slippers has continued unabated since the beginning. Shoes have been credited with all sorts of magical origins. From Winken Blinken and Nod in their wooden shoe to the shoemaker and the elves, footwear gets attention.

One of the most famous shoe-related stories is that of Cinderella. Her fairy godmother gave her glass slippers which would not seem like a very practical choice. She lost one on her way back to the coach and the prince found it. And then the prince searched for the owner of the shoe and found her. Let's just say the girl got her money's worth out of those slippers.

The shoes must have been made out of some sort of high tech fairy glass. Even tiny tots wonder why they didn't break on the palace dance floor. You also have to wonder how comfortable they could have been.

According to the stories the right shoes can improve your love life and give you a better career. In the story of Puss and Boots a young man got a new career and a royal bride as a result of buying the right boots. In this case he didn't wear the boots himself but gave them to his cat.

Thus properly shod the cat set out and did some wheeling and dealing on behalf of his master. The boots in this story weren't didn't impart any magical powers to the cat. The cat, after all, was capable of asking for the boots before he ever put them on.

The other contribution the boots made seemed to involve helping the cat to run really fast. He was always getting places ahead of everyone else. At one point he outran the king's carriage.

The young man who became a prince had been wise to provide his cat with the best possible footwear. Not only was the cat grateful but he was able to express his gratitude in extravagant terms. The story doesn't identify them as such but the cat's boots may have been manufactured by one of the cobblers who produced the famous Seven League boots.

Seven league Boots, according to the stories, allow the wearer to walk seven leagues in one step. A league is equal to three miles so somebody who can walk 21 miles (or just under 35 km) in a single step is moving pretty fast. Evidently these boots are no longer available and would probably be outlawed in most athletic events if they were. But Puma Future Cat Ferrari Yellow shoes are a nice alternative.

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