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Pregnancy Forum - Meet Like-minded Pals

They didnt exist when our mums were having us, but pregnancy forums are now so popular many women are making life-long pals through them, and getting answers to their week by week pregnancy questions.

For mums-to-be chatting on an online pregnancy forum via a pregnancy or baby club website is a great way to share their pre-natal news, and ask (and maybe give advice to) women all over the world who are going through their pregnancy in tandem, with them.

Its not only fun to interact, it is a basic human instinct to talk through problems, help others and, when possible, give reassurance to others.

A pregnancy forum, accessed securely through an established pregnancy and baby website, can be used to discuss all those week by week pregnancy changes and issues that occur for all mums - from eating and sleeping dilemmas to clarification or practical advice on maternity benefits and Government tax credits.

Mums like to chat with other mums whether they are seeking other opinions on returning to work after baby or the best remedies for stretch marks.

Some mums-to be are embarrassed to ask family or friends intimate questions and enjoy the relative anonymity of a forum. Some may forget to ask their GP something at their check-up or cant wait for the next appointment to ask about something that is bothering them.

While most pregnancy and baby websites have a great stock of useful articles on a whole range of topics, sometimes its just good to talk to someone in the same position as you.

Some women wrongly worry that they cant bother their GP with niggles or little questions. Of course doctors and midwives are only too happy to answer week by week pregnancy questions from the mums they are caring for. But you dont need a medical qualification to simply pass on the benefits of your own experience so mums on pregnancy forums are collectively a goldmine of information.

Another point worth considering is that non-pregnant pals, and those who havent even thought about starting a family yet, will soon tire of hearing every detail of your week by week pregnancy whereas those on the pregnancy forums are all happy to chat on the minutiae of pregnancy yours and theirs!

Its also worth remembering that you dont have to dress up to chat on the pregnancy forums. Nobody can see you, or judge you. You can chill in your favourite PJs, chillax and chat.

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