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Early Detection of Breast Cancer - How to Detect Breast Cancer to Save Your Life?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and through the early detection, the survival chance are high and it can avoid to remove the whole breast. We must aware that normally it will happen on women over 50 years old and four in five women are diagnosed with breast cancer with no known risk factors. It is a very dangerous issue which sometimes most of the women are not notice about it.

Early detection is the best defense and also a better chance for successful treatment and surgery. There are 3 ways to detect breast cancer early which is self-awareness and mammography.

1.Self-awareness: Women who chooses to perform breast exams should have a correct technique to performs the clinical examinations. If find out any changes to their breast, they should promptly report to their doctor and not to worry too much because lumps are not necessarily abnormal and most lumps are detected and tested are not cancerous.

2. Mammography: Mammography is the simple, low-close breast x-ray examination. It is one of the ways to detect breast cancer before the lump can feel. It is done by two plastics plate that placed in each of the breast by using a x-ray machine then gently pressed and some of the women will feel discomfort during the compression. It is encourages women over 50 years old do the mammography.

Save your life by screening tools which should be continue for women either over 50 years old or younger in order to maintain a good health condition, prevent the breast cancer and survive from it.

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