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What is Clipmarks?

Monthly Traffic: 382,984 visitors (as of 3/14/2008*)
Description: A widget for sharing articles with across the Internet.
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Clipmarks Features
  • Easily clip articles and videos and post them through a button on your browser
  • Show off your clippings on Facebook or your blog with your personal Clipmarks widget.
  • Vote on your favorite clips on the Clipmarks website.

    What is Clipmarks?

    Similar in ways to social news sites like Digg or Propeller, Clipmarks takes the idea one step further by letting you take your clippings with you and post them on your Facebook profile or personal blog via a handy web widget.

    After installing the browser plugin, clipping articles is as simple as pushing the toolbar button and then clicking on the areas of the article you want to clip. You can even clip videos.

    Why Should I Use Clipmarks?

    Clipmarks is a great way to share funny, interesting, or thought-provoking quotes that you read on the Internet. Because you can host your clippings just about anywhere -- your Facebook profile, your blog, or your personalized start page -- it makes them really easy to share.

    Clipmarks can also be handy if you write a blog and want to get the word out. Because public clippings are hosted on the Clipmarks site where they can be voted on, it is like a very Web 2.0 version of Digg.

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