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How to Install Performa Tub

    • 1). Place the Performa tub in the location of the previous tub. Place the tub so that the drain hole lines up with the drain pipe that is already installed in your bathroom. Insert the drain assembly into the hole and connect it to the pipe. Place the drain cover over the drain assembly.

    • 2). Use the level to ensure the bath tub is laid out evenly before continuing. If it is not even, you can insert a piece of durable material, such as metal or hardwood under the tub to raise the lower side to make it level. Check underneath the flooring under the tub to ensure there is no bending or buckling occurring and that it can support the tub.

    • 3). Place the extension side tabs onto the studs on the walls that the tub is touching. Use a tape measure to ensure that the tabs are 1/8 inches above the clips on the outside of the tub. Use the hammer and roofing nails to attach the tabs to the studs.

    • 4). Slide the support clips that were provided with the tub into the side tabs that you just installed in the wall. Rotate the clips and position the bottom side under the bottom lip of the support clips on the side of the tub. Use the pliers to bend the tabs of the support clips over the flanges on the bath to secure the tub to the wall.

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