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House Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving

    Entering the House

    • Walk outside onto the sidewalk in front of your house and look at it the yard. Remove old lawn furniture, trim unkempt shrubs and mow the yard. Repaint the front door and door-frame if necessary, or simply scrub them. Replace or scrub the entryway doormat on the porch. Clear the front porch of clutter and wash it clean.

    Remove Clutter

    • Visual pollution is the worst enemy of a clean house. No matter how clean, a house will look dirty if it is cluttered. Walk through the house, room by room, with two large boxes. Use the first box to throw away old magazines, unwanted knick-knacks and other clutter that you have been cleaning around. Place things that don't belong in that room in the other box and either put the box in the cellar or place the items in the rooms where they belong.


    • Cleaning the house from the top down will save you extra work and prevent you from having to double back on yourself. Wipe the walls and ceiling with a static cling duster. Remove all knickknacks, books and pictures from atop cabinets or on bookshelves and thoroughly dust the shelves as well as the objects that set on them. Don't forget to dust the ceiling fan blades.

    Vacuum the House

    • Vacuum upholstered furniture, using the crevice tool to clean between the cushions and any other tight spots. This is the time to spot-clean the chair arms and any other spots that have accumulated on the furniture. Polish all wooden furniture, especially the dining room table and chairs, since unnoticed food does collect on them.

    Clean Carpets, Rugs and Floors

    • Rotary machines that use hot water and shampoo to scrub the carpet and hot water to vacuum up the dirt and shampoo are available for rent in almost any retail store. Don't forget entryway rugs and bathmats. Scrub wooden floors and apply a coat of polish to them.

    Clean Windows and Window Treatments

    • Dust window blinds and clean them according to manufacturer directions. Light curtains can be washed and pressed, and some heavy drapes are machine washable. Clean any metal work on the windows with the appropriate metal polish.

    Special Bedroom Projects

    • Wash and press bedspreads, sheets and pillow cases and replace worn pillows where necessary. Empty enough drawers so the guests have room to place their belongings.

    Waste Baskets

    • Empty and clean, or replace any stained or broken trash cans within the different rooms of the house.

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