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Have a Picnic and Have a Ball - Picnic Ideas

Want a way to get away with the family but you can't quite get into the idea of a vacation right about now? Consider the temporary relief that a family picnic can provide.
A bit of food and a lot of fun can make for one of the best times of your life, and if you do it right your kids will be talking about family picnics until they are blue in the face.
Of course, having a picnic like this is much easier said than done.
Here are some things to consider when putting together picnic ideas for your loved ones.
Food is Key to Any Picnic Of course, what is a picnic with no food? If you are having lots of people, you have to settle on what to eat and who is bringing it.
If it is just you and your kids, naturally things will be easier.
Try and be healthy; sandwiches, salads, fruit, juice, Popsicles, nuts and berries - these are all the makings of healthy, easy to transport food for family picnics.
Just a little alert here: if you are a having guest for your picnic, make sure that you are aware of what they can eat.
Some people can't tolerate spicy food others nuts and many other various foods.
Great picnic ideas are about experiments but don't take the risk of ending you even abruptly or on a sour note.
Location is Just as Important as Food Second to the importance of food is the importance of location.
A bad location can certainly make or break any picnic, and if you want to have a great picnic a well researched location is important.
Do a Mapquest or a Google search.
City parks, state parks, rivers, lakes, historical locations - these all make great ideas for picnic locations for people of all ages and most of them are easy on the eyes, as well.
Put Thought Into Picnic Recreation The main idea behind a picnic is to eat, but that is not all you do.
Recreation is important.
Games, a hike, a mountain climb, a nature walk, a swim - whatever it is, make sure that it is something that everyone can enjoy.
If you are inviting small children to your picnic, a mountain climb obviously won't do.
If it is a bunch of college buddies, something like that may be more appropriate.
But even with college buddies (some would say particularly with college buddies) you need to plan properly and take proper precautions.
Maps, compass, First Aid kit, packs, water, tell someone where you are going etc.
Think ahead a little about transport of the food.
If your going on a walk you don't want to be carrying a picnic basket.
So don't go so far way from the car that it's too far to put away before you walk.
Or you could take a picnic backpack, which would be much easier to carry.
If you want to have a successful picnic, you may consider taking a poll or a vote as to what other people would be interested in doing.
This way, you know that everyone will participate in the activity and enjoy it.
Having a picnic is about more than food.
It is about being with people that you care about, outdoors, in the fresh air, and doing things that are fun and make you enjoy life.
A lot of planning goes into some of the best picnics out there.
If you want your picnic to be a success, it will take some thought and effort to get it right.

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