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How To Learn English With WordMaster

    Access Wordmaster

    • 1). From the Internet, go to your browser and type in

    • 2

      Select your level of difficulty: easy, medium or difficult.

    • 3). Read the the fill-in-the-blank sentence, and try to determine which word fits in the blank.

    • 4

      Ask for a clue. If you don't know the answer, click the "Definition" button. The program will tell you what the intended word means.

    • 5). When you have determined which word fits best, use the keyboard of letters below the sentence to type your answer. It will appear in the blue spaces.

      Note that the system does not allow a wrong answer to be typed in.

    • 6). After you have typed in your answer, click the "Listen" button to hear the sentence as it is read by a native speaker.

    • 7

      Continue to the next fill-in-the-blank question by clicking the "NEXT" button.

    • 8

      Check your score, which is displayed on the upper right section of the window.

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