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Article Marketing: How to Use the Multiplier Effect

Article marketing is constantly evolving.
That is due in part to the higher standards demanded by publishers and to the increased number of authors.
It is no longer possible to create a significant Internet presence by writing a dozen or so short pieces.
It is now necessary to write many more good quality items to achieve the same result.
You can do this by using the power of the multiplier effect.
Successful authors of free reprint articles leverage their time.
Every piece they write has the potential to be developed into at least one more and often several more articles in a short time and with only a small amount of effort on their part.
You can do the same by following the rules of writing they use: 1.
Divide and rule:
There is a good chance that somewhere on your hard drive there are a few "list articles", such as "10 Tips For Curing Your Acne" or "5 Ways to Repair Your Credit Rating".
These may be worthy efforts in themselves.
However, you are allowing potential new articles to gather virtual dust on your computer.
Your "10 tips For..
" piece can easily become eleven by expanding each tip into a separate free-standing article of 500 to 700 words in its own right.
You can leverage more from these eleven articles.
By making them into a series of linked articles, each of which promotes the next and previous ones.
The last article links back to the first one in the series to complete the loop.
The effect of which is that a reader of any one article in the series has a link to the previous and next one.
Write a counterpoint article:
This is a popular format for entertainment shows on the radio and television.
The format is not often used in article marketing.
Simply take one of your pieces articles and write another to make your point by setting out the opposing or a contrasting view.
For example, you could write about "10 Reasons Why Article Marketing Does Not Work".
It shows that you can look objectively at both sides of an issue, even if you do not agree with one side.
The benefit to you is that your initial article acts as a springboard for the next one.
Turn a long article into a series of articles:
This is a common journalistic technique for breaking very large pieces into sections that are more manageable by the readers, retains their interest and builds anticipation for the next one in the series.
This is a very smart marketing ploy that can easily be used when writing and publishing free reprint articles.
Publishers prefer articles in the range of 400 to 800 words.
That means you only have space to make one point.
What then if you need more space get convey your message? Take a lead from newspapers and turn your long article into a series of pieces.
You will get more readers and you will be published more often if you write six stand-alone linked articles each of 600 words that form a series rather than one of 2000 words.
If you apply these rules of writing to leverage your time, the multiplier effect will soon increase the number of quality free reprint articles you write and submit.
That will have a beneficial effect on your article marketing activities and raise your Internet presence.

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