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Gun Accessories designed to stun… by Berry's Manufacturing

If guns are your passion and you love shooting, then chances are that you want to ensure the best accoutrements for your firearms. We, at Berry's Manufacturing have been in this business for close to 40 years now and we bring to you a wide range of gun accessories including gun cleaning accessories and ammo boxes of the finest quality and unmatched service.

Berry' Manufacturing offers an exciting range of gun cleaning accessories so that your pistols and rifles are sparkling clean. The 76 piece Gun cleaning kit consists of a wooden box in which are neatly arranged a 3pc rifle/pistol rod, 3 adapters, 3pc shotgun rod, 10 cleaning brushes to fit 12, 20, 410ga, 17,22,270,30,9/38,40,45, universal handle , 5 mops and 2 plastic slotted tips. A close contemporary to this is the 66 piece Gun cleaning set .The 13 piece brass jag set consists of 8/32 Thread: 17, 22, 6, 6.5, 9, 270, 30, 33, 375, 40, 44, 45.\r\n50 Cal (10/32 thread) . Also up for grabs are our state of the art cleaning rods having a polished aluminium handle with a sleek ball bearing action placed atop a sturdy stainless steel or brass rod. A 31 piece screw diver set replete with Non-slipping rubber grip driver, 3 Phillips bits, 8 hex bits, 12 parallel bits and 3 torx bits will make caring for your guns easier. Phosphor-Bronze pistol bore and rifle bore brushes clean the bore without corrosion and result in

better accuracy.

A whole variety of plastic ammo boxes to suit every purpose have been developed by Berry's Manufacturing.. Ammo boxes are available for holding up to 20, 50 and 100 rounds of bullets in varied sizes, shapes and hues. Similarly, shot shell and multipurpose utility boxes are also available.

An impelling new world of gun accessories awaits you at Berry's Manufacturing. Starting from Versacradle products, we bring to you a remarkable cradle CNC designed to hold your firearms securely while you work on or clean them. On popular demand; we have custom designed Grace Gun Care Tool Set with Case, which has a handsome pocket sized zipper case to hold all our famous gun care tools. Also popular is our 150 .50 BMG Slip-Top Cartridge Box which consists of 10 round slip tops. These have side grooves that hold on securely to the top and can be used to hold USGI length loads as well as the 800 grain Barnes bullets. The strength of the box can be attributed to quality poly-pro.

The list of gun accessories is incomplete without proper gun cases and we provide for both single and double pistol hard cases. The cases are made of High-Density Poly-Propylene which along with two latches and holes for padlock ensures adequate protection. Pluck foam interiors allow you to customize the interior according to your needs.

So come and grab your share of stunning gun accessories only at Berry's Manufacturing!

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