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Importance of Eating Fruits and Vegetables Uncooked

Nutrients are intact: Any food cooked beyond a certain temperature is not good for health.
It is good to have food products in its original form specially veggies.
Anti oxidants present in them are good for your hair follicles and skin too.
Phytochemical is another thing that is required to fight against diabetes, cancer and other cardiac problems.
Therefore, add these food products to your diet on a daily basis.
Enzymes are present untainted: In addition to the above food products, non pasteurized milk such as soy milk, milk, yoghurt also helps in providing your body with essential enzymes.
Nuts, legumes, seeds and sprouted grains must also be added to this list.
Anti oxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins are found in plenty.
Vitamins, minerals are important for the healthy growth of your body.
Freshness at its best: It is good when it is eaten in its original form.
You can consume it fresh and get the best out of it.
It is nature's gift to man kind: These food products are nature's gift to man kind.
They are rich in nutrients, proteins, minerals, iron and zinc which are necessary for your body.
Do not ignore the nature's gift.
Make the best use of it.
Energy rich products: These are rich source of energy.
Nothing can provide you better benefits than green leafs.
Celery and asparagus must be eaten raw.
Helps lose weight: This alone will not help you lose weight.
In addition to this, little efforts from your side is essential.
Exercise regularly in order to supplement the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and fruits.
Some of the food products eaten raw are: - Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and beet root are the best, when it's eaten fresh.
- Cucumber: helps you maintain good skin and purifies your blood too.
- Certain plants: Celery, asparagus and coriander can be had fresh and they add nutritional value to your body.
- Onion and garlic is also good for diabetes, patients with blood pressure and heart problems can consume it in an uncooked form.

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