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How to Stop a Leaking Rain Barrel

    • 1). Fill the rain barrel up with water if you don't already know where the leak is. When it is filled all the way up, turn off the hose and let the water leak out. This may take several hours if there is a tiny hole.

    • 2). Search around the water line after the water has leaked as much as it will go. Find any and all holes or cracks that are the cause of the leaking problem.

    • 3). Put the aquarium caulk into the caulking gun after puncturing the tube where instructed.

    • 4). Caulk the holes and cracks that you found that are causing leaks. Wipe away excess caulking with paper towels to keep the rain barrel looking neat.

    • 5). Allow 24 to 48 hours for the caulk to dry. Do not use the barrel before the caulk is completely dry.

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