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EBook Marketing That Gets Results

EBooks are of no value if potential customers do not know they exist or how to find them.
The best marketing plans address this issue.
If an affiliate plan and SEO weren't implemented in the original sales page or site, it should be done.
Why not have an army of sales people promoting the eBook? Affiliate setup can be as simple as a bit of script that automatically pays the affiliate a set amount of money when an eBook sells or as involved as a tiered affiliate program that pays through more than one level.
The seven dollar eBook marketing sales tactic can easily be utilized.
A report or quick guide that relates to the eBook package, and includes links that will take customers to the eBook sales page are sold for seven dollars.
With the seven dollar script, other people, affiliates, sell the seven dollar item and keep all the profit.
The customer information comes to the eBook seller.
Every customer name and email collected is a potential future customer.
The purpose of eBook marketing is to obtain customers and building a list that you can sell to time and time again.
EBook marketing has been around long enough to see what gets results and what does not.
Methods include article marketing, PPC, discussion groups, signature lines, press releases, ezines, classifieds and joint ventures.
Article marketing works.
It works for websites.
It works for blogs.
It works for eBooks.
Writing articles on anything related to the eBook topic and posting those articles will result in traffic to the eBook page.
The best article directory to submit to is EzineArticles.
The site is highly rated.
Having ezinearticles.
com link to a website or page is good for business.
Article directory sites can be found via search engine.
Alexa or Google can be used to check ranking.
Start with those that rank the highest.
Do be aware of any submission rules.
Do include a resource box at the end of each article.
The resource box should include a brief bio line, a product or services line and a link to the product or service.
Classified ads are highly recommended by some marketers and totally ignored by others.
Most agree that if there's time, posting a free classified ad daily doesn't hurt.
There are several free classified ad sites.
Local newspaper and radio classifieds are certainly a good eBook marketing method.
Many radio stations and newspapers offer free classifieds.
The eBook is less likely to disappear into the myriad of ads locally.
There are often little or no competitors advertising.
Site submission rules vary so it is important to read the fine print.
Some radio sponsored sites require that ads be relisted manually every two weeks for free ads.
Marking the calendar or setting alerts can help authors remember when it's time to relist.
Ezines are a big part of eBook marketing strategy.
Some authors create an ezine of their own just to promote their own eBooks and those of other authors.
Searching ezine directories and creating a list of ezines targeted toward the same market as the eBook is an excellent way to start.
Some marketers swear by solo ads sent out by ezines.
For eBooks that aren't free and do feature an affiliate program, ezine producers can be encouraged to promote the eBook as affiliates.
Forums and groups are a good eBook marketing method.
There are a few ground rules.
The forum or group rules should always be obeyed.
No spamming.
Participate for some time before starting to really push a product.
Helping others first then reap the rewards.
Signature lines and links should be included in posts whenever a forum or group allows them.
Searching Google groups and Yahoo groups is a good way to locate groups based on the eBook topic or related to it.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) eBook marketing programs are constantly growing and evolving.
There are now many PPC companies to choose from.
PPC campaigns result in highly targeted traffic.
The market is narrowed down to those who are already interested and searching.
Press Releases offer wonderful eBook marketing opportunities.
The trick is to avoid using the old standard press release and write one of the new style press releases.
The Publicity Hound website offers free helps on doing so.
Word of mouth is perhaps the oldest form of eBook marketing.
Authors should tell anyone and everyone about the eBook.
Post notices at local libraries and community bulletin boards.
EBook marketing is the only way to make sure someone knows the eBook exists and is available for sale or for free.
Smart authors use a variety of marketing methods.

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