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The Best Way of Planning Your Own Wedding

Weddings are big events that everyone wants to have and have memories of to their old age.
The question of how to plan your own wedding will be dismissed by many as a simple act, but, it may become so bad that you live to regret it for the rest of your life.
This is why you should plan ahead for the day long before its due, failure to which, you will end up reminiscing for the bad memories you had for your big day.
When planning for this day, there are several things that you have to consider: The big day: Planning your own wedding day may be a little hectic if you are left all by yourself to take care of all the arrangements.
You should then pick a number of people to help you with the planning and catering for all the services.
The most important would be to allocate a day for the special event.
You have to be sure that day is convenient for everyone in your guest list and the pastor as well.
The wedding gown: This is the greatest hassle that most bridesmaids go through-deciding on the best gown that will dazzle the groom.
Wedding magazines, online shopping sites and window shopping will help.
Early shopping will ensure that you get a gown that fits perfectly and one that will make you the center of action on this particular day.
Pre wedding parties are a must for every bride.
Bachelorretes parties and the bridal shower will act as preparation for the big day.
Such preparations will help the bride get ready for the big day and not end up freaking out before the crowd.
It's also a time to get acquitted with other married women and members of the other side of the family.
Make a timetable: Every day's activity should be included in the list so that you do not let leave out anything hanging.
The stricter you are towards the timetable, the more your wedding plan is going to become a big success.
A wedding survival kit: This is a kit that includes of items that are very essential to the bride and are used for emergencies.
Such include a make up kit, wet wipes and tissues among other small things.
Finally, for a bride who is planning her own wedding.
She has to have to prepare the kids who will be taking part in the ceremony.
Choose just a few kids because the more you choose, the higher the likelihood of them getting excited and forgetting their wedding duties and roles.

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