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The Bully"s Seventh Excuse

The lives of Americans, young or old center around two obsessions i.
food and fashion.
In fact, food and fashion are two entities that are pulling apart the life of an average American.
But, like the two sides of a coin, they are entwined.
With the marketing professionals of both the industries playing with their dreams on one hand and their basic human craving on the other, people are left confused amidst the bundle of contradictions.
It is sometimes interesting to have an insight of the war between the tummy and the hourglass figure.
But the surprise factor is the victory of Phentermine in the market war.
Take a look at any of those glossy and sleek magazines of the glitterati in print.
You will be amazed at the slender structures of the models posing (staring) at you from every single page.
Little wonder, men lovingly call them, 'god's gift to mankind' (an envy to womankind).
All these gorgeous models would be endorsing some fashion item or the other.
Every single soul (including me) who flips through the pages of such magazines gets hooked to the image that it takes them a whole lot of an effort to come down to earth.
We fail to realize that the images are just meant to be images that the marketer wants us to dream of.
Our dreams translate to their sales in reality.
It is just an illusion deceiving our naked eyes to wear what those sexy bods wear.
Even if we don't live to eat, we at least eat to live.
No one in his right mind would forego a hearty meal that makes butterflies sputter in his stomach.
It's a lip-smacking experience just to lay our eyes on the goodies in the magazines that come with added flavors in the form of appetizing color schemes.
The human body is programmed to have a craving for high calorie and fat laden foods.
The clever messages and images giving company to the food ads also play mind games with you.
A svelte woman or a lean and mean man is shown having a bite of a high sugary food.
So, a misconception gets etched in the minds of the consumers.
In spite of such high calorie food, if they can still maintain their figure, so can I.
The message is surely misleading.
Well, the clash of the marketing titans of the food and fashion world only confuses the customers to a greater degree.
The fashion ads target people to stay trim and fit.
This industry uses all the resources at hand to create a market, where it portrays its line of clothes, footwear and other accessories as trendy and happening.
The industry is so adept at inculcating the fashion consciousness in the minds of the people that people, who don't fit into the clothes, have a complex that they don't fit into the happening crowd or the society.
But with lithe and lissome models downing huge calories, they still yield to the call of their tummy.
They are in a lose-lose situation.
Then, out of the blue, the pharmaceutical industry came up with a solution.
Phentermine can get you out of the muddle.
You can still have the bite of your favorite chocolate, cake and ice cream and stay away from obesity.
All you need to do is incorporate Phentermine in your daily weight loss schedule.
Take Phentermine with a regular dose of exercise; you will then notice the changes in your body in a short while.
Phentermine has become the victor in a war, where it is not a party

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