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How to Help Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

One problem that many people have with their dog is that he or she won't stop barking.
This can be annoying as it keeps you and your neighbors up amongst other things.
There are many things that you can do that will help to get your dog to stop barking.
Make sure you dog has had plenty of attention each day.
Sometimes the barking is a result of feeling alone without any attention.
If this is given to some dogs, the barking stops.
Make sure the basic needs of your dog are being met.
If your dog is hungry, thirsty, too hot, or too cold, he or she is going to bark to get your attention.
If these needs are met, the dog will have less incentive to be barking and might be a little quieter.
Start training early to get your dog to stop barking versus waiting until it becomes a habit for your pet.
It's difficult to get rid of old habits for many dogs.
Get this problem taken care of as soon as possible.
When your dog is barking, use a very firm command to get him or her to stop barking.
Use rewards if your dog listens to you and quits the barking right after you have given the command to stop.
Let your dog know that he or she is being good while quiet.
Reassure them that everything is fine and you are proud of them when they are resting instead of making too much noise.
Get a barking collar if you need to have training while you are away from the home.
These will teach your dog to not bark over time.
you might have to consider going to obedience school if you aren't getting any results.
This doesn't mean that you have failed, but you just haven't found the right method to help your specific dog understand what it is that they are supposed to be doing.

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