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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

An important part of being healthy and exercising well is getting regular pregnancy massages.
It is advisable though that before you get one you consult with your doctor as there should be no complications.
If you are training to be a massage therapist then this article will help you to understand the benefits of a pregnancy massage and why you should opt to take a course on it.
Pregnancy Course for therapists: A woman's body goes through many structural, physiological and psychological changes during the course of the pregnancy.
It is important that you, as an interested therapist, take a detailed course on how to go about a pregnancy massage to better understand the techniques involved, appropriate applications and suitable treatments for each trimester.
For expectant Mothers You will note the benefits of the pregnancy massage before, during and after the labour.
Getting regular pregnancy massages has many physical and mental benefits.
So why not get one? NOTE: It is important that a pregnancy massage is taken from a certified pregnancy massage therapist who is experienced in all the changes through the trimesters and know what can be done and what cant and when it can be done.
Please consult your doctor prior taking any treatments.
Benefits of Pregnancy Massages: oThe massage helps the body in eliminating waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
This helps fighting fatigue and gives the mother more energy.
oIt can relieve stress, depression, anxiety caused by the hormonal changes in a mother's body.
oMuscular discomforts like stiffness, cramping, tension, tightening, knots, etc can all be alleviated.
oIt helps reduce leg cramps, headaches, swollen ankles, backaches, oedema, sore feet, stiff necks, etc.
oLessens Sciatic pain oHelps the body and mind to relax which in turn helps cure insomnia.
oIncreases blood circulation which brings more oxygen and essential nutrients to the foetus and mother thus increasing overall vitality and better nourishment for the baby.
oIt increases flexibility and loosens tense muscles.
Increased flexibility will be required during the last trimester and during the birth as well.
oRelaxed mothers are researched to have healthier and happier babies for which you need to relax and sleep well.
Massages help you do just that.
oImproves immune system oStimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers and are also known as happy hormones.
This reduces nervous tension and keeps you happy.
oMassage can be used during the birth for an easy deliver and it also helps the new mother regain her strength quickly and eases postpartum stress.

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